The 5 most popular reasons people get the car detailed

1.Lack of Time
2.Selling – a fully detailed car will increase price value
3.Buying – you saved the money by buying privately, but you want the showroom look
4.Holidays – long car trips can be fun but cleaning up the mess isn’t
5.Special event - Weddings

What ever the reason Stevo’s Detailing is perfect for your car.

Basic Detail Includes:

Pressure clean exterior, Wheel arches, rims and tyres, Vacuum, Windows cleaned inside and out, Dashboard and interior rims wiped over and dusted, Car deodorised and Tyres shined

Full Detail Includes:

Hot engine bay pressure clean exterior, wheel arches, rims, tyres and door jams, light machine cut and hand polish, exterior trims dresses; shampoo seats, carpet mats and boot (with removal of seats); windows cleaned inside and out, Car deodorised and Tyres shined